Acupuncture For Fertility

Devin has helped many women become pregnant, enter labor, and give birth naturally.

Fertility can be challenging. A body in a fight or flight state may have trouble with conception, because it is focused on survival. Labor may be stalled for the same reason.

Acupuncture can interrupt the stress response and provide an optimal environment for conception, pregnancy, and delivery. When the body moves from a state of reactive stress to a state of relaxation—what we call the parasympathetic state—the reproductive cycle can begin.

Conceive with less intervention

Whether your challenge is to become pregnant through traditional means, or you're seeking the help of a fertility specialist, acupuncture by Devin can help.

Western practitioners are starting to see the efficacy of acupuncture in helping to stimulate the body's child-bearing potential. Several studies have confirmed acupuncture's effectiveness at improving the rate of conception through assistive reproductive therapy.

Create a supportive prenatal environment

Clearly, having a baby doesn't end with conception, and acupuncture can provide prenatal and delivery benefits. Evidence suggests that lower stress during gestation leads to better long-term outcomes for children, possibly due to epigenetic conditioning in the womb. Disrupting stress is what Devin's practice is about.

Reduce pregnancy discomfort

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable: morning sickness, back pain, leg pain, pain pain. Acupuncture excels at pain-reduction. Devin's extensive experience with treating pain—combined with her experience in treating pregnant women—puts you in good hands.

Deliver near your due date

Giving birth is difficult. When the due date looms, or has long past, and you're ready to move from pregnancy to motherhood, Devin can help. She can also help you give birth vaginally, even if you've previously had a c-section.

Many women credit Devin with inducing their labor, and helping them to have the natural birth they were hoping for.

Case studies, as well as some experimental studies, have found that acupuncture reduces labor pain.